2022 Stamp Issues

Definitive Issue "Houses in the F.M." - 0.85 CW

FM2022-01 Definitive Issue Houses in the FM

The third issue of the new Definitives series of Posta tal Musograd shows an architectural jewel, the "Pentarion", a building located in the Ghibalni mountains in the western part of the Scientific Republic of Murwillumbah, right at the border to Naquarnia and Musograd. Built in 2015, it serves as a restaurant and shelter for mountain hikers.

  • Date of Issue: 2022.01.25
  • Design: A. Wulf
  • Small Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Values: CW 0.85
  • Order No. FM202201 - single stamp (CW 0.85)

Surcharge Issue "Support Ukraine"

FM2022-02 Surcharge Issue Support Ukraine

On 2022.02.21, Russia decided to recognize the fake statelets of DNR and LNR in Eastern Ukraine. The Federated Micronations see this event as the start of the war Russia is waging against Ukraine. In 2008, Capricornian experts had predicted the Russian occupation of Crimea in 2014, and the current agression against Ukraine was predicted by the SDFM in April 2021, where it led to the issue of a commemorative stamp . The SDFM now expects a large scale war with the goal to occupy all of Ukraine, starting within the next few days. It is possible that this war might expand into an uncontrollably large worldwide conflict.

The current issue is based on the 2021 stamp issue, with added texts and a surcharge. An Ukrainian Mig 29 fighter with artificially changed decoration is shown.The stamp is issued in sheets of 6, with border texts, similar to the 2021 stamp but with altered texts.

FM2022-02 Surcharge Issue Support Ukraine Minisheet

The stamp surcharge will be doubled by Posta tal Musograd and transferred in equal parts to two organisations dedicated to support Ukraine, Blue-Yellow , based in Lithuania and focussing mostly on military supplies, and LEPO . LEPO is a project based in the German city of Leinfelden-Echterdingen supporting a childrens' hospital in their twinned city, Poltawa. Poltawa is now one of the most threatened cities of Ukraine. The latter charity was selected because of the deep historic links between Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Musograd.

Posta tal Musograd also offers to send you a complete minisheet of this issue if you provide us with credible documentation of a donation of 20 Euro towards one of these charities.

Addendum (2022.03.28): Three days after the issue date of this stamp, the Russian aggression against Ukraine exploded into a full scale war. Against the opinion of most "experts", the Ukrainian Army and Air Force have survived the first onslaught. More than one month into the war, the Ukrainian Air Force is still fighting back effectively against the Russian Air Force. Pilots like the "Ghost of Kyiv" are becoming legends. The web magazine "Coffee or Die" writes: "The story of the Ukrainian air force, once fully told, will undoubtedly influence the thinking of air power theorists and combat aviators for generations to come.". The selection of the motive of this issue has been proven even more prescient than expected at the time of issue. Even the value selected (unknowingly) is symbolic - "Cargo 200" refers to dead Russian soldiers. Slava Ukrainii!

  • Date of Issue: 2022.02.21
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00 + 2.00 surcharge
  • Order No. FM202202 - single stamp (CW 4.00)
  • Order No. FM202202MS - Minisheet containing 6 stamps (CW 24.00)

Definitive Issue "Houses in the F.M." - 1.30 CW

FM2022-03 Definitive Issue Houses in the FM

The series of definitive stamps depicting characteristic houses in the F.M. is continued with two 1.30 CW values. Originally, two different values were planned, but a mixup at the printing plant resulted in the issue of two stamps of the same value.

The green 1.30 CW stamp shows a vacation home located in a bay of the Qumarow Lake in the Balanda Republic. The tent-like structure is mirrored in the calm sea surface. Another vacation home is depicted on the blue 1.30 CW stamp. This very transparent building is located on the beach near Zeehan in the Republic of Capricornia.

FM2022-03 Definitive Issue Houses in the FM

  • Date of Issue: 2022.04.08
  • Design: A. Wulf
  • Small Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Minolta Magicolor printer
  • Values: CW 1.30 / 1.30
  • Order No. FM202203 - two stamps (CW 2.60)

Surcharge Issue "Slava Ukraini"

FM2022-04 Surcharge Issue Slava Ukraini

The Russian war of aggression against Ukraine is now in its seventh week. To support Ukraine in its defense, a second surcharge stamp was issued which has got a blue - yellow wave as its motive, symbolizing the force with which Ukraine is fighting back the aggressor. The inscription "Slava Ukraini!" means "Glory to Ukraine". Like for issue FM202202, the proceeds, doubled by PtM, will be given to the charities Blue-Yellow , based in Lithuania and focussing mostly on military supplies, and LEPO , helping a childrens' hospital in Poltawa.

  • Date of Issue: 2022.04.13
  • Design: J. Schwarz
  • Free Perforation, matt paper
  • Printed in sheets of 24 stamps
  • Printed with Minolta Magicolor printer
  • Value: CW 2.00 + 2.00
  • Order No. FM202204 - single stamp (CW 4.00)

Commemorative Issue "Art - Reflections"

FM2022-05 Commemorative Issue Art - Reflections

In Musogradian stamp history, several works of art by regional artists have been displayed on stamps. This issue takes up this tradition. The stamp shows a kind of dream-like virtual architecture, reflected in a lake. The drawing was created by the artist A.Wulf in 2022. It was printed on a heavier paper which to date was only used for small stamps.

  • Date of Issue: 2022.04.28
  • Design: A. Wulf
  • Free Perforation, thick matt paper
  • Printed in sheets of 21 stamps
  • Printed with Minolta Magicolor printer
  • Value: CW 0.85
  • Order No. FM202205 - single stamp (CW 0.85)

Commemorative Issue "Micro-Euro-Summit 2022 in Chyše"

FM2022-06 Commemorative Issue Chyse

On 2022.06.25, the Micro-Euro-Summit", the first Micronational summit in Europe oriented towards European micronations, was held in the small town of Chyše in the Czech Republic. To celebrate the event, Posta tal Musograd issued a Joint Stamp Issue together with the Parliamentary Monarchy of Duckionary.

The stamp image shows the Heads of State and Representants of the participating micronations. From left to right: Representant of Duckionary carrying the Summit Flag, the President of Obscurium (together with Duckionary the co-organizator of the event), the Archduke of Duckionary, the President of Edristan and, between the two Representants of Waronia, the Postmaster General of Posta tal Musograd and Diplomatic Envoy of the Federated Micronations. A historic result of the conference is the "Chyše Charter" which strives for intermicronational peace and clearly distances the signatories from the "Imperial Citizens / Reichsbürger" and similar movements.

The stamp was designed during the conference in a co-working session with Archduke Arthur C. de Tourneau, with a similar stamp issued by Duckionary. The sheet border decoration consists of the flags of Duckionary and the Federated Micronations (new version without a star, valid since 2022.07.01) and the logo of the conference.

In addition, a joined miniature sheet containing 3 stamps from Duckionary and 3 of the PtM issue was issued.

FM2022-06 Commemorative Issue Chyse Joint Minisheet

  • Date of Issue: 2022.07.07
  • Design: A. de Tourneau / J. Schwarz
  • Fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Printed in sheets of 15 stamps
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 1.75
  • Order No. FM202206 - single stamp (CW 1.75)
  • Order No. FM202206MS - miniature sheet (CW 12)