2023 Stamp Issues

Commemorative Issue "Tom Nairn"

Commemorative Issue - Tom Nairn

Academic cirles in the F.M. have always been interested in developments in small European stateless nations. Of those, Scotland is the one which came nearest establishing their independence in the past decade. The Scottish political theorist Thomas Nairn (1932.06.02 - 2023.01.21) was the most important thinker analyzing the process of Scottish independence in the context of the 4 nations of the UK and of nationalism in general. His work "The Breakup of Britain" is a classic and of high value when trying to understand the causes and development of nationalism in general. Tom Nairn is regarded by many as the Father of modern Scottish independence , having had no doubt that it will finally come, together with the breakup of the archaic "Ukania", his ironic name for the United Kingdom.

The CW 2.00 stamp shows his portrait. It was printed in small sheets containing 14 stamps in small fixed format, each connected to a border field decorated with the Scottish saltire.

  • Date of Issue: 2023.02.13
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Small fixed perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00
  • Order No. FM202301 - single stamp (CW 2.00)
  • Order No. FM202301MS - minisheet with 14 stamps (CW 28.00)

Commemorative Issue "Attack on Ukraine - 2022 - 02.24 - 2023"

Commemorative Issue - Attack on Ukraine

In the early hours of 2022.02.24, Russian forces started their renewed attack on Ukraine, using land forces and also long range weapons. In spite of the expectations of many politicians and military "experts", Ukraine was able to take a stand and even push back the invading forces in several regions. Russian forces targeted not only military installations, but also civilian buildings and infrastructure, killing thousands and forcing millions of Ukrainians to flee.

With this miniature sheet, Posta tal Musograd focusses at those attacks on civilians and infrastructure. The School No. 23 in Kramatorsk, depicted on the miniature sheet, was destroyed by a Russian rocket. Three persons were killed by the attack. The miniature sheet carries a surcharge of CW 2.50 which will be donated to Aktion Deutschland hilft . For international sales, the full sales price will be donated.

  • Date of Issue: 2023.02.24
  • Design: J.Schwarz, based on an AI processed image from DSNS.GOV.UA via Wikimedia (CC-Att-4.0)
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.50 + 2.50
  • Order No. FM202302 - minisheet (CW 5.00)

Commemorative Issue "Dragon - Heraldic Animal of Arnaq, Naquarnia"

Commemorative Issue "Dragon - Heraldic Animal of Arnaq, Naquarnia

The Dragon is the heraldic animal of the city of Arnaq, Capital of Naquarnia. To honour the 750th anniversary of the first Asembleo (Assembly) of the Naquarnian Duques in Arnaq, a stamp was issued with a Dragon motive. The base image used for the stamp is a fresco in Padova, Italy.

The stamp is a technical experiment, too - it was printed on transparent paper. The experiment was not really successful, though, and only a very small number of sheets was printed.

  • Date of Issue: 2023.03.10
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, ungummed transparent paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00
  • Order No. FM202303 - single stamp (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue "Shoolscath Memorial"

Commemorative Issue - Shoolscath Memorial

On 2021.06.03, the "Shoolscath" operation of the Musogradian army ended in a devastating catastrophe which led to a prolonged state crisis and finally to a political restructuring of the Federation. In addition to the Musogradian forces, volunteers from other nations of the F.M. participated in the operation, foremostly from the Balanda Republic and from Capricornia. Although the operation itself is not uniformly assessed by the public, those participants who perished during the operation and at its end are being honoured by the Federation at a Memorial located in the vicinity of the JSB Bristow.

The stamp was issued in sheetlets of 6 stamps each. The sheetlet margins are decorated with a sword, symbolizing the courage of the fighters.

  • Date of Issue: 2023.06.03
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 2.00
  • Order No. FM202304 - single stamp with sheetlet margins (CW 2.00)

Commemorative Issue "Kurd Laßwitz / Paul Scheerbart"

Commemorative Issue - Kurd Lasswitz / Paul Scheerbart

As a part of our "Science Fiction Authors" series, two authors are honoured by this issue who are counted among the founding fathers of Science Fiction in Germany. Here, SF and Fantastic Literature are unluckily less well regarded than most other genres, especially in comparison with countries like France or the UK, where Jules Verne , Jonathan Swift or H.G. Wells are celebrated authors with a worldwide audience.

Kurd Laßwitz (spelled "Lasswitz" on the stamp for readability reasons) lived from 1848 to 1910 and became famous with his 1897 novel "On Two Planets", describing the interactions between humans and Martians, the latter with a more developed civilisation which they force upon the people on Earth. Humans finally are able to throw off Martian rule, but keep the social progress they achieved under them, with the slogan "Martianism without Martians". The humanist and pacifist world view of the author let to his works being suppressed under the Fascists.

Paul Scheerbart (spelled "Scheerbarth" on the stamp by error) lived from 1863 to 1915. He was a poet, author, graphic designer and inventor. He actually attemped to invent a Perpetuum Mobile, the design drawing of which is displayed on the se tenant fields of the stamp sheet. He wrote a large number of fantastic and SF-oriented novels, often accompanied by his own fantastic illustrations.

Both stamps are based on historic portraits available on Wikipedia. The stamp sheet consists of 5 rows of stamps, with each row containing 3 stamp pairs and one se tenant field with alternating positions.

Commemorative Issue - Kurd Lasswitz / Paul Scheerbart with se tenant field

  • Date of Issue: 2023.07.04
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Small Fixed Perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Values: CW 1.75 / 1.60
  • Order No. FM202305 - pair of stamps (CW 3.35)
  • Order No. FM202305s - two pairs of stamps linked by a se tenant field (CW 6.70)

Commemorative Issue "Richard McKenna"

Commemorative Issue - Richard McKenna

Richard McKenna is an American author who wrote both Science Fiction short stories and fiction based on his Naval experiences. He lived from 1913 to 1964. Because of his early death, many stories were published only posthumously. One of his SF short stories, "Fiddler's Green", had an early major impact on Musanian culture with its thoughts about the nature of reality. The most advanced CSS of the Musanian Navy was named after the short story, also honouring the author's Navy background.

The stamp design is based on his bust , processed and overlayed with a distorted landscape which mirrors the imaginary landscapes described in "Fiddler's Green".

  • Date of Issue: 2023.07.04
  • Design: J.Schwarz
  • Free perforation, matt paper
  • Printed with Kyocera printer
  • Value: CW 1.10
  • Order No: FM202306